Soup of the day  £4.95
Please ask your server

Bruschetta alla pomodoro  £4.95
Toasted homemade bread topped with the finest cherry tomatoes with garlic and olive oil marinade

Nachos with cheese    £5.95
Served with jalapeños, tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream & cheese

Funghi all’aglio  £5.95
Mushrooms in garlic butter, white wine & parsley

Hummus  £5.95
Served with homemade bread and olive oil

Insalata caprese  £5.95
Fresh tomato mozzarella, basil and olive oil

Mozzarella tricolore  £6.50
Fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella and avocado

Mozzarella in carrozza  £6.95
Deep fried mozzarella cheese coated in breadcrumbs with a dash of tomato sauce

Tomato & onion salad   £4.95
Fresh tomato and red onion

Mixed salad   £4.95

Green salad   £4.95

Garlic bread  £3.50

Garlic bread & cheese  £3.95

Pizza bread  £4.50

Pizza bread with garlic  £4.95

Pizza bread with garlic & cheese  £6.95

Pizza bruschetta   £8.95
Homemade pizza bread topped with the finest cherry tomatoes with garlic, feta cheese and olive oil marinade


Prosciutto melone £5.95
Parma ham and melon

Paté del casa £6.95
Homemade chicken liver pate served with red onion marmalade and toasted bread

Polpette £6.95
Meatballs in tomato , garlic and white wine sauce

Chicken wings x 6 £7.50
Cooked in BBQ sauce and served with garnish salad


Prawn cocktail   £6.50
Baby prawns served with marie rose sauce

Cornetto Alla Salmone   £7.50
Smoked salmon and baby prawns topped with rosemarie sauce

Calamari fritti  £7.50
Deep fried baby squid with tartar sauce

Avocado gamberetti   £7.50
Baby prawns served with marie rose sauce and avocado

Calamari luciana  £7.50
With garlic, chilli and tomato sauce

Gamberoni piccanti  £7.95
King prawns in garlic, chilli, white wine and parsley sauce

Cozze alla marinara  £9.95
Mussels in garlic, parsley and white wine sauce